Twin - Technomate

August 17, 2022 – 11:12 am
Technomate TM5402

With Technomate’s flagship twin tuner satellite receiver, the TM-Twin, you can watch satellite channels in glorious High-Definition (HD), Full HD 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus to give you a superior audio experience. It’s also 3D ready*. Not content with standard components, the TM-Twin's components are all high-grade, high-quality to deliver you the best performing satellite receiver.

It is an Open Embedded satellite receiver which has Third Party Software to give you plenty more functions than a standard satellite receiver.

Not leaving the Standard Definition (SD) channels behind, we’ve developed a built-in hardware Upscaler to improve the picture quality of Standard Definition (SD) channels via the HDMI output. What Satellite magazine (July 2011) further said that the 'upscaled SD channels appear solid and lifelike'.

You can use a USB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or an internal 3.5" Hard Disk Drive to record all your favourite channels, listen to your music and watch a slideshow of your photos.

The luxurious Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) front panel displays: channel names, recording status, playback status...and more (display may vary to the above).

To watch the same channel on another TV, there’s an RF modulator at the rear of the satellite receiver, so you can watch all your channels in your bedroom (requires a cable to be connected from the RF modulator to the second TV).

The silent temperature and speed controlled fan cools the TM-Twin only when needed and the speed level can also be adjusted.

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kenable kenable Serial RS232 Null Modem Cable DB9F to DB9M 9 pin - 2m (~6 feet)
Personal Computer (kenable)
  • kenable Serial RS232 Null Modem Cable DB9F to DB9M 9 pin - 2m (~6 feet)
  • 2m Length which is approx = 6 feet (all conversions are approximate)

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