Recent Maps satelliteAugust 5, 2019 – 05:55 am

Recent Maps satellite

New, detailed maps of the world s natural landscapes created using NASA satellite data could help scientists better predict the impacts of future climate change. The maps of forests, grasslands and other productive ecosystems provide the most complete picture yet of how carbon from the atmosphere is reused and recycled by Earth s natural ecosystems. Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom; NASA s Jet Propulsion Laboratory… Don't you think it's time to get CS 1.6? We sure do.

Receiving Digital TV signalsJune 26, 2019 – 05:32 am

Receiving Digital TV signals

Digital Broadcast Television: It s free, it s clean and sharp -and the wave of the future! Cut the pay-cable cord and save megabucks! So far, I m getting 104 channels of perfect digital reception, which is not uncommon for a major metropolitan area. Those cable TV providers can hawk their bottled water all they want, I m just not buying the idea. I was actually able to take my family to Europe on the money I saved. It s all in where your priorities…

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Recent Satellite launchedMay 17, 2019 – 05:14 am

Recent Satellite launched

This morning, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) successfully launched a Boeing-built satellite into orbit as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS satellites are operated by the Air Force and provide global positioning, navigation and timing services both for the military and civilian users. We can all access GPS from our phones because of this very constellation. Back in 1978, the first GPS satellite was launched into orbit…

How to receive Digital TV signals?January 17, 2019 – 04:11 am

How to receive Digital TV signals?

If you ve looked at television sets at any of the big electronics retailers in the United States lately, you know that digital TV , or DTV , is a big deal right now. Most stores have whole areas devoted to digital TV sets. You re also hearing a lot about four other topics: Unless you are among the people in the United States who have purchased a DTV set, what you have in your living room is a normal analog TV that seems to be working just fine despite…

Digital receiver TV antennaNovember 27, 2018 – 05:59 am

Digital receiver TV antenna

If your TV does not have any audio outputs then you cannot get audio from it to your receiver. You can get one of these: that will act as an outboard tuner and give your DVR functions as well. It has a coax digital audio output that you would connect to your receiver. You can also split the antenna to feed it and the TV giving you the ability to record one channel and watch another (with TV sound only). Wisecracker said: Wow Samsung really cheaped-out…

Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 Digital Satellite receiverOctober 18, 2018 – 05:49 am

Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 Digital Satellite receiver

It’s an affordably-priced Freesat receiver that brings free digital TV into your home through a satellite dish. It’s not a PVR, just a basic set-top box for those who simply want to watch their favourite SD and HD channels – although you can also stream on-demand content from BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. What’s more, it’s the most compact Freesat receiver to date, making it ideal for use in a second room. Manhattan Plaza HD•S2 – Design The Plaza is…

Free to Air Digital Satellite receiverSeptember 28, 2018 – 05:49 am

Free to Air Digital Satellite receiver

The Maxview MXL020 12v/230v HD Satellite Receiver with USB record The Maxview MXL020 HD satellite receiver runs on 12 volts or 230v mains and is ideal for use with touring vehicles. i.e motor homes, caravans, canal boats and HGV s. Use with a compatible satellite system to receive over 200 FREE digital UK TV & Radio Channels (on the ASTRA 2 Satellite), including all BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and many more. It is designed for use in the UK and…

Digital Satellite receiver codesSeptember 8, 2018 – 05:38 am

Digital Satellite receiver codes

Follow these steps to program the remote control. To control a VCR or DVD player: Turn on the VCR or DVD player. Open the panel of the remote control. On the remote control, move the slide switch to the desired component type, AV1, AV2, AV3 or DVD. Press the CODE SET button. Close the panel. Using the number pad, enter the manufacturer code for the component. Note: If more than one code number is listed for the manufacturer, enter one code at a time…

High Definition Digital Satellite receiverAugust 19, 2018 – 04:35 am

High Definition Digital Satellite receiver

A DiSEqC compatible receiver relies on a switching box which detects the 22kHz tone pulsing rapidly on and off . In this way, a specially designed receiver can control numerous LNBs through a DiSEqC switching box. Dolby Digital An encoding system that digitally compresses up to 5.1 discrete channels of audio (left front, centre, right front, left surround, right surround) into a single Bitstream. A low frequency eff ect (LFE) channel is included providing…

Latest Satellite ImageryJuly 30, 2018 – 04:19 am

Latest Satellite Imagery

These are the latest images from the OSTM/Jason-2 satellite. Jason-2 continues providing the uninterrupted time-series that originated with TOPEX/Poseidon. Jason is using radar altimetry to collect sea surface height data of all the world s oceans. These images are processed to highlight the interannual signal of sea surface height. The mean signal, seasonal signal, and the trend have been removed. What is sea-surface height? The height (or relief…

Recent satellite images of my houseJuly 10, 2018 – 04:12 am

Recent satellite images of my house

Please read these instructions to find a satellite photo image of your home town: Put your mouse cursor near your location, click down and drag to the middle. Alternatively, type the name of your location here: Centre the map around Now enlarge the map scale by using the + sign on the upper left side of the map. Click on this and the map will enlarge. Repeat the process of mouse dragging to centre the map as necessary. Choose the Map, Satellite or…

Best Digital TV receiverJune 20, 2018 – 03:57 am

Best Digital TV receiver

One of the toughest things about giving up cable or satellite TV service is the loss of a provided DVR. For many, a DVR’s treasure trove of stored shows and ability to pause and resume programs at will have become staples of home entertainment. While streaming services provide immediate accessibility to specific programming, the ability to record live television using an antenna is basically lost unless the cord cutter invests in a new DVR solution…