Latest Satellite ImageryJuly 30, 2018 – 04:19 am

Latest Satellite Imagery

These are the latest images from the OSTM/Jason-2 satellite. Jason-2 continues providing the uninterrupted time-series that originated with TOPEX/Poseidon. Jason is using radar altimetry to collect sea surface height data of all the world s oceans. These images are processed to highlight the interannual signal of sea surface height. The mean signal, seasonal signal, and the trend have been removed. What is sea-surface height? The height (or relief… Wandtattoos kinderzimmer kaufen more here.

Recent satellite images of my houseJuly 10, 2018 – 04:12 am

Recent satellite images of my house

Please read these instructions to find a satellite photo image of your home town: Put your mouse cursor near your location, click down and drag to the middle. Alternatively, type the name of your location here: Centre the map around Now enlarge the map scale by using the + sign on the upper left side of the map. Click on this and the map will enlarge. Repeat the process of mouse dragging to centre the map as necessary. Choose the Map, Satellite or… Don't you think it's time to get CS 1.6? We sure do.

Best Digital TV receiverJune 20, 2018 – 03:57 am

Best Digital TV receiver

One of the toughest things about giving up cable or satellite TV service is the loss of a provided DVR. For many, a DVR’s treasure trove of stored shows and ability to pause and resume programs at will have become staples of home entertainment. While streaming services provide immediate accessibility to specific programming, the ability to record live television using an antenna is basically lost unless the cord cutter invests in a new DVR solution…

Free Digital TV receiverMay 16, 2018 – 06:32 am

Free Digital TV receiver

A favorites list helps streamline channel choices. David Carnoy/CNET While a QAM can be harder to find in more basic, smaller TVs like the kitchen set I was looking for, most of the larger sets now feature integrated QAM tuners. That said, if QAM is a feature you re interested in, always check the specs to make sure it s there. (Note that ATSC doesn t guarantee QAM compatibility-you want to make sure that QAM is specifically mentioned). 3. You probably…

What is a Digital receiver?March 17, 2018 – 06:05 am

What is a Digital receiver?

What is the difference between the LR-300 and the LR-400? The LR-400 is more user friendly because it has the LCD Display, which will show the channel selection, battery life and signal strength. The LR-400 also has an adjustable squelch setting. Does this receiver sound as good as your other receivers, which are more expensive? Yes, all Listen receivers have the same superior audio quality. How many receivers can I have in a system? As many as…

Digital receiver box for TVFebruary 5, 2018 – 05:36 am

Digital receiver box for TV

A digital converter box connects to your existing TV and allows it to receive free over-the-air digital TV signals. A digital converter box is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. One converter box is necessary for every TV that doesn t have a built-in digital tuner and that receives its signal over the air with an antenna. How will TV be different with a digital converter box? A digital converter box will enable you to experience several benefits…

Can Digital TV receive analog signals?January 16, 2018 – 05:34 am

Can Digital TV receive analog signals?

The digital television (DTV) transition refers to the switch from analog to digital broadcast television. All full-power television stations have stopped broadcasting in analog, and now broadcast only in digital. If you aren’t receiving digital signals on your analog TV, you can purchase a digital-to-analog converter box from an electronics retailer. If you are having difficulty receiving digital broadcast stations in your area, this troubleshooting…

Ross HD Digital Satellite receiverDecember 27, 2017 – 05:06 am

Ross HD Digital Satellite receiver

We re a nation of DIY enthusiasts, driven by the desire to save money (especially in these austere times) and indulge in practical creativity. B&Q is now selling satellite equipment with the same gusto as it does tins of paint and flat-packed kitchen units. Made by Ross, these range from a simple £50 SD kit to a £200 offering a single-tuner HD PVR and dish. We re testing the mid-range dish and the 22300HD-R HD receiver package, the latter…

Satellite Digital receiversDecember 7, 2017 – 04:40 am

Satellite Digital receivers

MUSIC, SPORTS, NEWS, COMEDY, TALK, ENTERTAINMENTCOMMERCIAL-FREE The GEX-P920XM is an XM satellite radio tuner designed for Pioneer SAT Radio Ready and XM Ready CD, DVD, and Navigation receivers. Also features display information such as Channel Name, Channel Category, Artist/Feature Name, Song/Program Title, or Composer. Enjoy all of the benefits of XM Radio, including: Over 180+ Digital Channels Coast to Coast Over 80, Hours of Entertainment…

Digital TV receiver boxNovember 6, 2017 – 07:07 pm

Digital TV receiver box

In 2009, television transmissions switched from analog to digital, which provided crisper television signals. If you still have an analog television, though, you need a digital TV converter box to receive any of these signals. In the past, it was enough to have an antenna on the roof to pick up local channels. When the signals switched to digital, those antennas stopped working. With the digital-to-analog TV converter box, you get a much better picture…

Silvercrest Digital Satellite receiverOctober 17, 2017 – 07:05 pm

Silvercrest Digital Satellite receiver

Rev. 2 Second Audio Program (SAP), Descriptive Video Service (DVS), and Closed Captioning (CC) If you are hearing Spanish or a second voice explaining action while watching your TV program, you likely have an Auxiliary television service turned on. We often hear from viewers who are confused by this. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires television stations to provide these services on their main channels and we comply with these regulations…

Technomate Digital Satellite receiverSeptember 27, 2017 – 07:05 pm

Technomate Digital Satellite receiver

My channel is no longer working; there is no picture on a channel; it says no signal Most likely the channel s transponder frequency has changed: a. Go to and type in your channel s name and press Enter. b. Locate the correct satellite c. Note down the Transponder frequency. This is a 5 digit number that will normally begin with 10xyz, 11xyz or 12xyz. d. Note down the Polarisation. This is either H or V. e. Note down the Symbol Rate. This is another…