SiriusXM - Onyx Plus Satellite Radio Receiver with PowerConnect Vehicle Kit - Black

August 22, 2022 – 09:35 am

Best of the Options Posted by: Dakuwan from: Raleigh, NC on Our XM Xpress RCI died after almost 4 years. Really wanted this radio again because it was best i've used but is not offered at Best Buy anymore. We had the extended warranty so had to use our credit here and choose from the available models. Of the choices the Onyx plus was the best unit. The FM connection is much nicer than what we had to "rig" in the past. It gets fuzzy like any other FM station if there's conflict but overall is pretty solid. When changing channels it will restart the song when tuned which is nice. Navigating the channels could be easier as you have to hold the number key and then type the numbers and press select to change. On the Xpress there was a knob you could turn and press to fly through the channels. Also you have to go by category and then scroll instead of going through them individually. If this radio would adopt the knob feature of the Xpress then it would easily be the best radio out there. As is, it is the best of the available XM radios.

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Like it better than I thought I would. Posted by: RipW from: on Traded in a vehicle with factory installed SiriusXM for a vehicle that isn't satellite ready. Was initially dismayed with the Onyx due to the exposed wires draped across my dash, but I managed to position it on my console where very little of the wiring is exposed and I can reach it without diverting attention from driving. The tiny unit has remarkable user friendly functionality. I can either shuffle between stations in search of a song or it will automatically switch stations, playing songs it somehow calculates I like. It's usually right. It also has a setting which displays an alert whenever a favorite artist or song is played. Haven't figured out how to route audio though my FM radio yet. Right now I'm content to simply patch the audio via my auxiliary jack. The audio, by the way, is crystal clear despite me mounting the antenna on the side of my vehicle instead of the recommended rooftop placement. I really enjoy using it.

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A great product. Posted by: Mike from: on This is a great radio. I'm glad a chose the Onyx Plus with the color screen. It's worth the extra few bucks. Unfortunately, I had to use the fm modulator as opposed to an auxiliary port. However, the modulator is very powerful and even in a major city with many fm frequencies being used, the sound is perfect. I expected iffy sound quality and was thrilled the first time I listened after installation. The auto-bay installation staff at the store were fantastic, knowledge, and pleasant. A couple extra parts were needed. I was advised of this well in advance of the scheduled install date, so I was able to order them. Staff even called a couple of days before the install date to ensure I had everything. I would definitely call before scheduling an install and tell them the model of your vehicle to ensure you don't need any parts to complete the process. There were no surprises during the installation because of their attention to detail beforehand. The XM was mounted cleanly. No wires hanging out. It was hard-wired into my car. The unit looks sharp, and cleanly installed. Well done, Best Buy.

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