Where to Get a Digital Tuner for Analog TV

August 3, 2016 – 10:53 am

Watching a digital tv at home.When all broadcast television stations switched to digital broadcast signals in July of 2009, it became impossible for a stand-alone analog television to receive the digital signals. This essentially rendered the TVs useless. However, there are converter boxes which serve as digital tuners for the analog televisions. With these connected to the analog televisions sets, it is possible to view the digital broadcasts.

Shopping Centers

Check out your local shopping center. Larger stores, such as Walmart and Target, carry the digital tuner converter boxes. Go to the electronics section of the store to find these boxes. They look somewhat like small cable or satellite receivers, only without all of the buttons. If you are not sure where exactly they are, ask a store associate for help.

Electronic Stores

Go to an electronics store. Best Buy, and other stores like it, will have a variety of different converter boxes; however, they will all perform the same function. In these types of stores, the digital tuner converter boxes will be in the television accessories section (typically next to the TV displays).


Purchase the digital converter box from an online site if you'd rather not head off to the store. Both the Best Buy and Walmart Websites carry the device. On the Internet, you will be able to search for the better deal; however, the price may end up being the same as in store prices because of the additional shipping charge.

Cable Television

Order cable television. The cable receiver box will serve as a digital tuner for your analog television. It will cost more than the typical convert box (because you will be paying a monthly fee for the service), but you will receive more channels than an antenna would provide.

Satellite Television

Like cable television, satellite receiver boxes will perform the same duties as a digital tuner converter box. The two main satellite providers are Direct TV and Dish Network. You must also pay for these services; however, it is typically less expensive than cable television (although you may have problems with reception during bad weather).

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