Top 5 DIRECTV Satellite TV Receivers

April 26, 2018 – 06:17 am

One great option for people who have a HDTV is the DIRECTV H24 satellite receiver.. This compact size of this receiver is a bonus, making it an ideal choice for smaller rooms or bedrooms. Additionally, the receiver can hang on the wall with the use of a wall kit that is available for purchase separately. This receiver also boasts the Energy Star seal of compliance. Furthermore, it has Integrated Deca Technology, and is a 3-D ready receiver. It is compatible with an RF remote, and features parental locks as well.

The smallest receiver offered by DIRECTV is the C31.. However, it offers many benefits in addition to its compact size. For example, this device records television programs and stores them for future viewing. In fact, it stores up to 800 hours of standard programming. This equals about 1, 600 two-hour shows. Additionally, this receiver has the ability of getting off air reception as well. The DIRECTV C31 is also equipped with more features, such as double play, rewind function, fast-forward function, and interactive features. This receiver requires a single-wire multiswitch system (SWM), which means it has one single output.

For people who prefer a more basic unit, the DIRECTV H21 is a great option. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles that many other HDTV satellite receivers do, it does have one benefit. This receiver does not require the purchase of anything extra to function. It also offers up to a 1080i picture resolution and access to Dolby surround sound. It offers a built-in RF antenna, and the ability to search the guide while viewing programming. However, it is important to note that it does not offer an off air antenna, but an optional off air tuner is available for purchase separately that is compatible with this model. In fact, it is compatible with the DIRECTV AM21 off-air digital tuner.

A good alternative for people who already have a satellite receiver that is not HDTV compatible is buying an off-air digital tuner. A good selection is the DIRECTV AM21.. This off-air digital tuner is compact and lightweight. It integrates ATSC broadcast high-definition channels into the onscreen programming guide. Additionally, it is compatible with all current DIRECTV satellite receivers. As a bonus feature, the AM21 auto-scans for off-air channels when it is switched on with several of the DIRECTV receivers, including the HR34 and THR22. Although this is certainly not a requirement for a good off-air digital tuner, some people may consider it a prime feature so it is worth noting.

How To Buy

DIRECTV is a popular satellite company, and finding DIRECTV satellite receivers on eBay is easy. Offering great prices on new and used satellite receivers, eBay also offers many other items for your home theater. Some examples include; HDTV sets, surround sound, entertainment centers, and more. While you are browsing, keep an eye out for free shipping offers to save money. Purchasing your own satellite receiver is a wise decision if you are a satellite television customer. Many satellite companies charge monthly rental fees or exuberant prices for receivers. Finding a satellite receiver to purchase is the best way to save money on satellite television. It is important to make sure that the receiver is compatible with your satellite provider.


DIRECTV Black High Definition MPEG-4 DVR Satellite Receiver - HR24 - "may require 2 YEAR extension of contract,monthly fees will apply by DirectTV, may also require to be activated as a "Leased Receiver" as per DirecTV policy change"
  • DIRECTV NEW HR24 High Definition.
  • The record shows digitally, without a videotape.
  • Easy set-up; works with virtually all remotes.

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