Connecting HD Antenna to TV and Yamaha Receiver

November 27, 2018 – 05:59 am
Cable Digital Receiver TV If your TV does not have any audio outputs then you cannot get audio from it to your receiver. You can get one of these:
that will act as an outboard tuner and give your DVR functions as well. It has a coax digital audio output that you would connect to your receiver. You can also split the antenna to feed it and the TV giving you the ability to record one channel and watch another (with TV sound only).

Wisecracker said:

Wow ... Samsung really cheaped-out on that model with no option to pass your audio to a receiver. That's almost ridiculous for a flat screen that large.

Do you have a computer you could use as an HTPC ?? A TV tuner card costs around $100, works as a PVR, and you may pass multichannel audio to your receiver via toslink or even your analog-outs ...

I have the same issue with my 65" Samsung monitor with similar set up... Yeah I couldn't believe it when I figured out there were no audio outs... WTF.

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Infitary Digital ATSC HD TV Receiver Converter Tuner Box for Analog TV with Recording PVR Function HDMI YPbPr RCA Coaxial Composite Output / USB Input USA
Home Theater (Infitary)
  • •USB 2.0 for PVR,TIMESHIFT,software upgrade and media files playback,•Video output resolution: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P
  • •Converts digital broadcast to your analog TV,•By remote control to choose the RF 3/4 ch output
  • •Support teletext/subtitle/muti-language,•Powerful and highly effective 7-day EPG function
  • Note: If you would like to avoid the Scrambled Channels, please go to the main page and open the CHANNEL SEARCH, and choose the ANTENNA POWER, changing from ON to...
  • There is a protective membrane on the surface. You can peel it off while using at your choice
Viewtv AT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box Bundle with ViewTV Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna and ViewTV HDMI Cable w/ Recording PVR Function / HDMI Out / Coaxial Out / Composite Out / USB Input
CE (Viewtv)
  • Function: Convert your Digital Broadcast to your Analog TV and Analog Pass Through with Antenna
  • Output: HDMI 1080P Output / YPbPr output / Coaxial Output / RF Out (QAM NOT officially supported)
  • Features: Auto Tuning, Program guide, Recording PVR, Closed Caption, Favorite Channel List and Parental Control Function
  • In the Box: ViewTV AT-163 , ViewTV Antenna (25 Mile Range), ViewTV HDMI Cable w/ right angle adapter, new Upgraded Remote, 1 Composite cable (Signal Meter NOT included)
  • USB Multimedia Player: Plays Divx, AVI, MKV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, VOB, MOV, FLV, and VC-1

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