Video Introduction to Free to Air

September 20, 2016 – 04:07 pm
All Satellite Tv Receivers

A Free to Air Satellite (FTA) receiver is one that receives unencrypted FTA satellite transmissions. Using these satellite receivers, one can legally receive TV signals without subscription. The signal is typically encoded in an MPEG-2 video and may be restricted geographically. In some places around the world, people can receive encrypted Free to Air satellite channels through the UHF and VHF band. The channels transmitted through Free to Air satellite are received by utilizing a common MPEG-2 video compatible satellite receiver. Many people use FTA to receive thousands of satellite TV channels free of charge.

The equipment needed in order to enjoy the freebies are an FTA receiver (and here one has a choice between Pansat, Coolsat, Conaxsat, and many other great brand names) and a satellite dish within the specifics that the satellite one wishes to point at requires. However, many satellites only require a standard DTV compliant dish that can be easily found in any satellite TV or electronic store. Both C-band and K-Band dishes work just fine. In order to receive channels from more than one satellite, an antenna motor and the LNBF are also necessary.

In order to complete the system installation, run a coaxial cable from the dish to the FTA receiver, which should be connected to the television. This is usually the most difficult part.

Though pointing the dish is not very difficult, many people would prefer to hire an experienced person to fix it on the roof of the house. It is important to make sure that the best FTA support services are obtained.

The user can then go to the FTA receiver’s options and select the satellite to point to. Regular firmware updates ensure that the device works efficiently. The FTA keys must be entered manually, so it is important to be familiar with this process. Settings may vary among different satellite receivers.


ROC Multi-Sat V2 Universal Remote Control for all Satellite TV Receiver iLink i-Link IR-210 IR210 HDMI 8000 (code 005); Sonicview Permier 360 Elite Hd 8000; Captiveworks Cw 600 700 800 600s 650; Nfusion Nova Solaris; Pansat 3500sd 2700a 2700 3500 6000hx
Speakers (ROC)
  • It works for all the following FTA receiver models:
  • i-Link 210 & 8; Coolsat 4/5/6;
  • Coolsat 7/7100; Coolsat 8/8100
  • Sonicview 1/4, 360 Premier, 360 Elite, 8HD
  • not for control TV though
MultiTrust Mini DVB-S2 American Satellite Iptv Combo FTA Receiver TV BOX & Wifi Dongle
Home Theater (MultiTrust)
  • It can working all over the world FTA Satellite HD/SD Channel.also support IPTV IKS and Internet Apps
  • Support AM NewCAM MgCAM GSCAM,Biss key and Power VU Code Setting
  • Support AM NewCAM MgCAM GSCAM,Biss key and Power VU Code Setting.ULTIMATEVersion IPTV, 2 free OTT channel, 2 movies, 3 Episodes
  • INTERNET APPLICATION; Basic Advertisement system; Customized menu by end user any time
  • Login as different user ID with different authority; Blank flash upgrade software

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