Free To Air - FTA Satellite Receiver Systems

January 8, 2017 – 10:57 pm

Free To Air Satellite TV dishesFTA uses the international MPEG2 Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standard. DVB Satellite TV offers a superior image quality. For most channels, this results in the best non HD TV you will witness.

Free To Air Satellite TV Systems use a dish larger then your basic DirecTV or Dish Network dish, but usually always under 1 meter in size.

Motorized Mount

There are numerous receivers available and motorized mounts that allow users to take advantage of all the programming from various satellite, although most dishes are fixed on one satellite. A motorized mount is powered through the same coax that carries the satellite signal from the dish to the receiver.

The device located at the front the of the receiver is called an LNB. LNB stands for "Low Noise Block". The LNB lowers the frequency from the satellite frequency of 12 Ghz to a frequency suitable for transfer over a standard RG-6 coax cable. Most LNBS only provide a single receiver connection, but there are LNBS with two and even four coax connections. This allows for up to four receivers to be connected to a single dish.

CoolSat 5000

Free To Air has evolved over the last few years to include Digital Video Recorder (DVR) FTA Receivers and Multi-Sat dishes for simultaneous reception of up to 16 satellite orbits. The more common FTA receiver manufacturers are Pansat, Fortec, and the DVR FTA receiver from DreamBox.

While mostly used for access to ethnic and religious programming, FTA can appeal to almost every one looking to expand their television viewing options. If you do not see the programming you desire you may find your satellite programming available from Globe Cast World TV. Globe Cast World TV offers subscription based international programming. For more about Globe cast world TV, see Globe Cast review section.


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