Connecting Spektrum satellite receiver to SP Racing F3 flight control

October 26, 2022 – 10:54 am
Wholesale - Spektrum AR6210

I couldn't find anything showing how to hook up the Spektrum satellite receiver to the SP Racing F3 flight control board, so I've created this post to help anyone else having trouble with it!

Before you get started, I'd recommend binding your satellite to your transmitter using a spectrum receiver, because it's heaps easier than doing it through Cleanflight. See my second post if you need to bind in Cleanflight.

I'm sure there's other ways to do this, but this is how I got mine connected, the attached pics probably explain it better than how I've written it!

1. First I cut and soldered my Spektrum satellite wires to the flight control board, as shown in the pics. I'm using a Spedix branded receiver from ModelFlight, but it should work the same with any other brand. After soldering, I also power up the control board and get the multimeter onto my satellite wires just to be double sure I've got 3.3V power!

2. With the wires soldered and the satellite connected, you can plug the USB into your flight control board and connect to Cleanflight as you would normally.

3. Next you'll need to go to the configuration tab and enable SOFTSERIAL (you'll have to scroll to the bottom). Now click Save and Reboot.

4. Next you can go to the ports tab and enable the Serial RX for UART3 (that's the UART I chose to solder to). Click Save and Reboot.

5. Now you need to go back to the configuration tab and set receiver mode to RX_SERIAL and choose the Serial Receiver Provider, I chose SPEKTRUM2048 for my particular receiver. Click Save and Reboot.

6. Now you can go to the receiver tab and change the Channel Map to JR/Spektrum/Graupner which will show TAER1234 after you click it. Click Save and you should be all good!

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Lemon RX Lemon RX DSM2 Satellite Receiver - Spektrum compatible
Toy (Lemon RX)
  • Spektrum compatible DSM2 2.4 GHz satellite receiver
  • This is only a satellite! It must be used with a satellite capable receiver or a satellite compatible flight controller
  • Compatible with Naze32 / Mullet / Pixhawk / PX4IO / CC3D and more Flight Controllers with no additional receiver needed
  • Incredibly lightweight - weighs only 2.5g with plastic case or .7g bare!
  • Includes satellite, satellite cable and double sided mounting foam tape
UL Spektrum AR6200 2.4G 6Ch Receiver for DX6i JR DX7 DSM2
Toy (UL)
  • The AR6200 DSM2 4-channel receiver is a great solution for all model aircraft requiring full range up to 4 channels.
  • This DuaLink receiver simultaneously gathers information from two receivers that is processed by patent-pending Spektrum software that combines it to form the most...
  • This dual path redundancy, plus the fact each of the two receivers is located in a slightly different location exposes each to a different RF environment and creates...
Usmile REDCON 2.4G 6CH 6-Channel CM651 DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver With Satellite for Spektrum DX9 DX7 Transmitter Orange T-Six(DSM2) DX6I DX18 DX8 DX9 DEVO10
Toy (Usmile)
  • Easy to bind with, compact and with great range
  • Compatible with all Spektrum and JR 2.4G transmitter.(Not compatible with Spektrum EU version)
  • Compatible with DSM2/DSMX transmitter and expansion transmitter module.
  • Compatible with Devo10 ,DX6I , DX18,DX7,DX8,DX9 transmitter.
  • Dimension: 21.6x30.1x12.3mm, Weight: 10g

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