July 3, 2017 – 04:27 am

Ashton Radio Communications Society

147.00 Repeater PL 156.7

Analog Input - 146.40 in CSQ

Digital P25 Input - 147.60 in NAC 293

Echolink Node 251966


Ashton, Maryland

The Ashton 147.00 repeater is located approximately between Washington DC and Baltimore MD, and provides extensive coverage throughout the area. Click the thumbnail below to view the repeater transmit coverage area. We will try to get a coverage map of the combined receiver coverage posted here soon.

YouTube video of repeater system here.

The system is connected to the internet using Echolink, and is Echolink node 251966.

The repeater is a high power Motorola Quantro dual-mode repeater, and supports both P25 and analog transmissions. The standby repeater is a high power Micor, and the satellite and link receivers are also Motorola Micor equipment. The transmitter runs 300 watts out through the duplexer to an 8db omnidirectional antenna at the 200' level on the tower.

You can now use P25 (NAC 293) on 147.00 +600 (note the + offset for P25) and use analog on 147.00 -600 as before. It is suggested that analog users program their radios for tone squelch (156.7) to avoid hearing the digital transmissions, which are annoying. The P25 side only has one receiver at the main site, and the analog side has remote receivers. Echolink only works on analog. If you have a P25 capable scanner, you can listen to the digital transmissions by programming in 147.00 with NAC 293.

The receiver system consists of one local and seven remote receiver sites, for a total of seven receivers. One additional remote receiver sites is planned in Northern Virginia, for a total of eight receivers. The remote receivers are linked back to the main site by RF links. The receiver voter is a state of the art Motorola Digitac comparator (see the picture in the photo gallery). Receivers are currently at the following locations:

Ashton, MD

Damascus, MD

Brookeville, MD

Ellicott City, MD

Northwest Washington DC

Jessup, MD

Near Mt Weather, VA

Frederick, MD (temporarily off the air for link freq change)

Please note that 146.40 is NOT a simplex frequency in the Washington/Baltimore area! It is our repeater input and we have lots of receivers on tall towers that will hear you, and repeat whatever you say all over the region.

Also please note the Damascus Emergency Communications Team (DECT) is authorized to use the repeater for emergency communications, their monthly net, and planned activities. Click here for more information.


Source: www.ashtonradio.org

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