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October 23, 2019 – 09:42 am

Installaing a DPP LNBF for a single 6131 receiver is not how it should be done but I guess you never know. The use of DPP Twins are limited to specific Installations by both bell & Telus.

Depending on the installer, they may have installed a DPP to plan for the future. ie; if the customer decideds to swap their 6131 for a 9241 they only have to change out the receiver and not add a second run of coax. It's standard practice for Telus to use a DPP for almost any install, DPP Quad for installs with 3 or 4 boxes.


i have lnbfs. so i would need 2 sw21? do you happen to know what reciever telus uses currently? does it have to have 2 lines going to the reciever? one from 82 and one from 91? if it did then do we still need the sw21?

2 SW21s, 1 run of coax to the 6131.

Saw a telus receiver for sale and bought it, saved big on it... Hooked it all up, called to activate it, only to be told by a telus rep. that the only way to activate it was to pay $100 to have their installer come out and do it. To which I said, that is pointless... why do we need an installer when it is already installed?

Do you have the card of the Telus installer that did your initial install? Call them up and ask them if they can help you out. The installer, depending on the rep they talk to, is often able to waive the $100 fee for the customer if they can verify that it's all good to go. The only thing is that it's a long phone call for them, too.

This was the case with some people I know who decided at the time of install that they wanted an additional receiver. Their installer called it in for them and created an appointment to come back and run coax for the second box.


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