What are the advantages of using Strong satellite receivers?

December 30, 2021 – 08:40 am
NEW 1.2GHz 500mW 15 Channel

Strong offers several high-definition satellite receivers, including TNTSAT, Fransat, Skylink and Viasat. The SRT 7404 is a TNTSAT HD receiver that includes a USB port for recording TV programs. With an HDMI port, users receive high-definition picture quality. This receiver also features multilingual subtitles, audio track selection and videotext support.

The SRT 7403 is an MPEG-4 HD receiver for Fransat channels and features an integrated smartcard reader. This receiver automatically installs Fransat channels through the Atlantic Bird 3 satellite. It also features on-screen multilingual support, signal strength and quality bars for digital transponders, and a parental lock function.

Strong also offers conditional access satellite receivers. The SRT 7520 is a digital HDTV receiver for OTAU TV programs and features a cardless embedded conditional access system. This receiver allows users to select video resolutions and play multimedia files through the USB port.

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PAKITE PAT-260 2.4GHz Set-top box Watch TV downstairs upstairs Wireless Video Transmitter Satellite Receiver with IR Remote Control with Strong Signal 350M(Support 2 floor two rooms)
Speakers (PAKITE)
  • Support 8 groups of channels.You can select these channels to avoid interference from signals of a wireless router.Support 1 groups of AV input signal.
  • With more stronger and more stable Signal.Long rang Wireless transmission ≤ 350m in Unobstructed Place.Or suitable for two-floor with 1-3 walls,two floors with 2...
  • It can support IR remote control at the receiver end to realize the function of wireless control of devices from another place.Supports video transmission of PAL/NTSC...
  • If you want to watch DVD, DVR, IPTV, satellite STB in different TVs, but do not want to use the long and expensive cables for the devices. This wireless sharing...
  • Use 2.4GHz ISM frequency band, multiple selective channels supported for anti-interference from wireless.The transmitter and the receiver are used in the same channel...
HongKong ShunXinDa Technology Limited Camecho 2W/2000mw 2.4G 4-CH 4 channel Wireless Video Audio AV Receiver Transmitter Sender PAL/NTSC
Speakers (HongKong ShunXinDa Technology Limited)
  • *1. The product consists of a transmitter and receiver. It adopts an advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission scheme and has the advantages of a long transmission range(up...
  • *2. 2.4G High Operating Frequency, Good Anti-Jamming Performance.Transmit high quality video and stereo audio signals.Adopts New Circuit and Structure Design that...
  • *3. 4 Alternative Channel, efficient routing to avoid wireless signal interference,can have up to 4 devices in the system,and there is Not a Mutual Interference...
  • *4. Transmitter and receiver in the same channel pairs can be many use.Two-Channel Audio and Video Signals can be Transmitted.
  • *5. Equipped with Application Expansion Function and Strong Adaptability.Support PAL / NTSC.Compatible with DVD, DVR, camera , IPTV, satellite STB , digital TV set-top...

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