No Satellite Signal is Being Received

May 14, 2017 – 04:09 am
Satellite MeterBest Price £7.95

Mk4 Sky Dish & Quad LNB

By Raven

  • LNB matched to dish
  • Size 59cm (W) x 43cm (H)
  • Ideal for Sky+ or Freesat+
  • With DIY Fitting Instructions
Best Price £34.95

If your Sky TV digibox displays the message Error 25 or Error 29, follow the fault finding tips below:

  • Reset your Digibox - Unplug your Sky box, Sky + or Sky+ HD recorder from the 240V mains supply and wait 30 seconds, then re-connect the power supply. Check whether the 'no satellite signal is being received' fault has cleared. Many Sky box faults are solved by this procedure.
  • Test your Digibox - If the fault is still present, unplug the mains supply to your Sky box and carefully disconnect all cables from the rear panel, noting all connections. Then connect your box to a known-working Sky dish (for example a neighbour's dish).Replacement Sky Dish (43cm) If your Sky HD box or older Sky+ Digibox works on the alternative dish, you have a minidish, LNB or coaxial cable fault.
  • Swap LNB Cables - Disconnect the mains power supply to your Sky box, then unscrew the LNB cable connectors on the rear panel of your Sky + or Sky HD box. Then swap them over to see if one LNB output or cable feeder has gone faulty. If this restores the picture, check the F-connector on the 'no-signal cable' at both ends (dish and digibox) for short circuits caused by the coaxial cable outer braid touching the cable's centre copper core. Re-terminate the cable if necessary.

    Check the F Connectors for tightness and for evidence of water damage to the feeder or LNB (usually caused by inadequate waterproofing of the LNB cable connections). All LNB connections should be waterproofed with self amalgamating tape - other types of tape will allow water into the cable and LNB terminations over time - so check the type of tape used on your Sky installation provides adequate waterproofing.

  • Try an Unused LNB Output - If the coaxial cable and connections all look OK, continue troubleshooting by swapping the cable feeder with no signal onto an unused LNB output if you have a Quad or Octo-LNB fitted - this will confirm whether one LNB output has failed. Replace the LNB if it is defective > Buy a replacement LNB.
  • Check Dish Aignment - It is common for a Sky dish to be knocked out of alignment by ladders or by high winds and bad weather. Check for damage to the dish reflector and any evidence that the dish has moved.

    Also check the general condition of the dish - particularly if it is rusty or badly corroded. if damage or significant rust on the reflector or LNB arm is evident.


nFusion Nfusion Solaris FTA Digital Satellite Receiver
CE (nFusion)
  • Internet ready
  • OSD: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi
  • Ultra-Fast Advanced EPG
nFusion nFusion HD FTA Satellite Receiver
CE (nFusion)
  • - FTA channel reception only from satellite and terrestrial broadcasting
  • - IP-PVR (Audio & video recording to remote PC via LAN)
  • - Dual inputs (Satellite & Terrestrial)
  • - Fully complies with ATSC HDTV (VSB) & DVB-S MPEG-2
  • - ATSC tuner (LG NIM type) & QPSK tuner (LG NIM type)
ROC Multi-Sat V2 Universal Remote Control for all Satellite TV Receiver iLink i-Link IR-210 IR210 HDMI 8000 (code 005); Sonicview Permier 360 Elite Hd 8000; Captiveworks Cw 600 700 800 600s 650; Nfusion Nova Solaris; Pansat 3500sd 2700a 2700 3500 6000hx
Speakers (ROC)
  • It works for all the following FTA receiver models:
  • i-Link 210 & 8; Coolsat 4/5/6;
  • Coolsat 7/7100; Coolsat 8/8100
  • Sonicview 1/4, 360 Premier, 360 Elite, 8HD
  • not for control TV though
Vikosmo Vikosmo VK-100RTg Wireless Router
PC Accessory (Vikosmo)
  • Complies I 802.11b/g standard, 10/100Mbps Ethernet Protocol.
  • Supports AP mode, Client mode, Bridge mode, WDS (WirelessDistributed System) mode, Universal Repeater mode, WISP (Wireless ISP) mode, and Gateway mode.
  • Provides MAC Cloning to use the same MAC address on all outgoing packets through the WAN/LAN interface.
  • Provides IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) pass through on VPN connection.
  • Provides the Turbo mode to enhance the wireless performance.
PC Accessory (FYL)
  • 100% Brand New, High Quality
  • This Lnbf compatibles with all FTA receivers such as: Pansat, CoolSat, MegaSat, LavaSat, Pantec, Fortec, Silver Bird, Black Bird , Nfusion, Viewsat, Sonicview and...
  • This Lnbf works with all circular polarization ku band satellites. Great choice for Echostar 3 (Dish network 61.5), Echostar 6/8 (Dish network 110), Echostar 7 (Dish...
  • It does not work with Galaxy, Amc , satmex or any other FTA satellite. WORKS ON LEGACY TECHNOLOGY FOR DISH NETWORK AND BELLVU RECEIVERS.
  • it does not work with FTA dish antennas. it will no fit. it will fit mini dish antennas such 18 directv OR INTERNATIONAL DIRECTV FOR 101 SATELLITE.

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