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July 1, 2016 – 07:55 am

The Dream Box / Magic Box is a brilliant receiver basically a series DVB satellite with digital cable television boxes which is produced by German multimedia named Dream Multimedia. It is also known as set-top box. Dream Box / Magic Box is also said to be a free TV. It is not literally free but available in a very cheap price. It is more like a computer set up. It is a satellite box using Linux as its controlling language. The access is provided through an internet connection. The device is connected to someone's server distributing the subscription code through the internet, be it a DSLR router or any internet device or cable. The channels costing around 5, 000 Saudi Riyal yearly can then be viewed for almost free.

About 5000 channels can be viewed through this way with a very minor yearly maintenance fee of about SR 200 every 6 months. Various shops are located throughout the Kingdom where these devices are available in cheap prices and also a technician from there can help you in setting up the device at your place. The main reason for buying a Dream Box / Magic Box is so that one can share their card with someone else and that someone can share it back with you too. It is different from many other similar looking devices because of its software and hardware which can be upgraded officially. It is also customizable with different images and add-ons.
By using a Dream Box / Magic Box one saves itself from paying huge amount of subscription fees or anything of that sort. It catches TV channels through satellite. The reason for its popularity among people is because it can do card emulation and sharing allowing to watch the paid TV without paying any penny. It is popular because one can get a combination of games like football, movies and popular TV series on one very cheap service, giving everything on one single platform.
It is where it has been programmed by the receiver pretending to hold an authorized card when in reality it does not do so. It is basically pretending to hold an authorized card when while watching one is logged into the net. In reality multiple people are using a single official card over the net. In 1997 a law was made under which such an act was said to be illegal in which the paid TV channels were viewed as unpaid.
DM500s is a very good, cheapest Dream Box / Magic Box and the only way to view it is through Sky TV by Card sharing without paying anything. It is illegal and one should have enough computer knowledge to use it. The biggest advantage one gets from a Dream Box / Magic Box is that you can even record over LAN to a PC, and then view it again from the PC after sometime over LAN. Also one can burn that recorded material to DVD, using it to watch movies as a media player and listening to music. what the difference between vpn over tcp udp.


MAGIC PANDA Arabic TV Channels / قنوات عربية
Speakers (MAGIC PANDA)
  • This purchase includes 2 Years of free watching subscription. Renewal available after this period.
  • Comes with installation instructions.
  • The receiver comes with a one year warranty, if you have problems contact us so we can help you to diagnose the problem and fix it.
  • You will need 15 Mbps internet speed or higher.
  • You have one week to return it from the day you receive it. You will have to pay for the return shipping.
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CE (Cablesson)
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  • Compatible with 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, Easy and simple to setup
  • Gold Plated HDMI Female to Male Adapter with IR Plug (3.5mm jack)
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  • Accurate and reliable reproduction of digital video signal, with no signal attenuation or distortion
Sling Media Sling Media Slingbox Classic
CE (Sling Media)
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  • Powered by a digital signal processor; Leverages the latest WMV technologies
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  • Easy to use and set up, with no new cables required, automatic device discovery,
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