Free Digital Broadcast Television Reception: A How-To Guide

June 26, 2019 – 05:32 am
Receiving digital TV signals Digital Broadcast Television: It's free, it's clean and sharp -and the wave of the future! Cut the pay-cable cord and save megabucks!

So far, I'm getting 104 channels of perfect digital reception, which is not uncommon for a major metropolitan area.

Those cable TV providers can hawk their bottled water all they want, I'm just not buying the idea. I was actually able to take my family to Europe on the money I saved. It's all in where your priorities are, I guess. And I extend no sympathy to those who tried to pull in digital broadcast television on a cheap rabbit-ears antenna, gave up easy, and opted for pay TV.

But if you're the type of do-it-yourself person, who feels that quality television viewing should be free, do what I did 20 years ago, and go to any radio electronics store and they will help you select an appropriate roof-top UHF-VHF antenna, antenna rotator with wired-in remote, and coax cable.

You also might want to try out an inexpensive signal amplifier, but only after you have installed and used your rig for a while. In spite of what many have posted on the internet, the traditional roof-top UHF-VHF antenna still reigns king, and is absolutely required. But the electronics store staff may also inform you that your area is too sparsely populated and has very few digital broadcast stations in your area.

I keep a running TV Channel listing on my laptop and update and print out a new one, every now and then, when a new TV station appears. And I glued a detailed paper compass dial around the knob of the indoor antenna rotator consol housing, 360 degrees, marked at every degree. But you'll have to do your homework: Over time, fine-tune and carefully note the exact antenna directions of your favorite stations, and revise them on the master list.

To remove all doubt, I would suggest that you simply knock on the door of some person in your community who has a rotating rooftop antenna, to get the lowdown on the true possibilities. Don't be bashful, as most of us love to talk nuts-and-bolts. But, unfortunately, we're far and few. In my sizable town, there are only only three of us, as far as I know.

So check out this easy step-by-step guide, to see if free digital broadcast TV is for suitable for you, in your area.

I predicted, a couple of years ago, that free digital broadcast TV would run pay cable TV out of business. So I am amazed that almost everyone I know simply glazes over and still pays out monthly for cable TV.


Andoer Andoer Digital Indoor TV HDTV DTV Antenna Flat Design Support Receiving VHF UHF Signals / Free Digital / Analog Signals High Gain US Plug
Speakers (Andoer)
  • Gold-plated Display port connector resists corrosion and improves the signal transmission
  • Support HDMI 225MHz bandwidth,2.25Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel) and HDMI12bit deep color (36bit all channel deep color).
  • Support the 10.8Gbps video bandwidth.
  • Applications: Connect Notebook with Mini Display Port interface to HDTV, HD Monitor or HD Projector, etc with HDMI input port.
  • Easy to use, support plug and play, and no external power needed. Uses environmentally friendly ABS material shell.
Antennas Direct, Inc. Digital TV Signal Meter
Speakers (Antennas Direct, Inc.)
  • Connect to any TV antenna with a coaxial cable and use as pointing aid [NOTE: use in combination with free tower location information from]
  • Simple, cost effective design for DIY installations
  • 4 segment indicator shows rough combined UHF / VHF signal strength
  • Includes signal meter, internal 9V battery, and instructions
  • 90 day warranty on parts
Pigflytech Ultra-thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna-50 Mile Range for Digital HDTV with USB Power Supply- Builtin Amplifier Signal Booster for UHF VHF and 16.5 Feet(5m) Coaxial Cable
Speakers (Pigflytech)
  • FREE access to over-the-air digital TV broadcast channels. Support receiving both VHF(170-240 MHz)and UHF(470-860 MHz)chaels which enable you to receive High Definition...
  • Builtin amplifier kit, Within 50-Mile range to access free HD channels (e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox.) from broadcast tower; plus additional programs the satellite...
  • Works with any HDTV or devices that have built-in ATSC tuner include HDTVs, laptops, PCs. You need only go through your TV manual to make sure that your devices...
  • It is ultra thin and lightweight design and can be hung or laid flat in your house. Easily connected and powered by USB cable or DTV set-top box via coaxial cable...
  • If you receive only a few channels or the reception is poor, please try to move the antenna, then re-run the channel scan, Placing the antenna higher or closer to...
AVANTEK TV Antenna, AVANTEK Amplified Digital TV Aerial Indoor Freeview HDTV Antenna with 50-Mile Range Signal Booster, AR-F14
Speakers (AVANTEK)
  • This 50-mile range HDTV antenna allows you to watch your favorite TV shows without the need for expensive cable packages or satellite dishes by capturing the stunning...
  • Features a built-in low noise and high gain booster which ensures stunning picture and sound reception; supports both UHF and VHF bands; can be powered by USB cable
  • Installation is easy, fast, and requires no additional tools! Simply connect the antenna to the TV or set-top-box using the coaxial cables, perform a simple channel...
  • Ultra-compact design and 5-foot coaxial cable offer outstanding flexibility in placement; Can be lay flat to receive multi direction signals or stand on flat surface...
  • NOTE: In case you are not receiving specific channels or the reception is poor, it might be because the TV may not be in the correct mode and not scanning the channels...
Smile&Satisfaction GHB Amplified HDTV Antenna 45 Mile Range Digital TV Antenna Indoor - Black
Speakers (Smile&Satisfaction)
  • Lightweight and Ultralight, this indoor antenna can be put on the wall or window like paper, which can easily be hidden behind the TV.
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup - Our included 10-foot coaxial cable makes it easy for you to place the antenna in the area with the best reception in your house, and...
  • This antenna uses a new electrical design and is also waterproof, to avoid that short circuit.
  • New design and the signal amplifier, the receiving range of this antenna can reach 72 km (45 miles), which means you can receive more channels though you are in...
  • It is compatible with the Freeview HD, comingwith a 5-meter cable to install the antenna in a location with better reception.

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