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November 9, 2016 – 05:27 pm
Cloud ibox4 satellite receiver

There is a lot of television content available on the Internet now, both from traditional TV channels that stream their content online and channels that exist solely on the Web. We've seen quite a few programs that attempt to amalgamate all of this content into one big online TV viewer with hundreds of channels. PC Satellite TV BOX is another entry into this field, and as far as we can tell, the only thing that sets it apart from other similar programs is that it's not free.

Programs of this type are always imperfect, as they nearly always contain links to some streams that-temporarily or permanently-just don't work. It's difficult to evaluate the severity of this problem with PC Satellite TV BOX, as the trial version gives users access to only 10 channels (eight of which worked when we tested it, and one of which, called "Live Sports TV, " showed nothing but a handful of French-language trailers for American movies). The trial version allows users to view the list of so-called VIP channels that are available when the program is purchased, and there are quite a few of them, but we cannot vouch for their quality. The program itself is functional but contains virtually no features; a list of channels on the left, the viewing area on the right, and that's about it. Not even a Help file.

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