Digital Satellite Receiver Setup Instructions

May 20, 2022 – 05:29 am
How satellite signals works?

The State Department Satellite Feed broadcasts at the following four times daily:

1) 0430 UTC through 0630 UTC (12:30AM to 1:30AM EST)
2) 0730 UTC through 0930 UTC (3:30AM to 5:30AM EST)
3) 1500 UTC through 1700 UTC (11:00AM to 1:00PM EST)
4) 2000 UTC through 2200 UTC (4:00PM to 6:00PM EST)

Africa & Europe
Eutelsat HotBird 8 at 13o
Ku High-Band D/L Center Frequency: 12.226 GHz; Typical L-band frequency: 1476.0 MHz; Typical LO Frequency: 10.750 GHz; FEC: 3/4; Symbol Rate: 27.5 Msym/s; Network ID: 1; Polarization: Vertical*; Video Format: PAL; IRD Channel: 340.

*While the signal is vertically polarized, the receiver’s “Installer Menu” should be set to “H” pol to send the correct voltage to the LNB.

Europe, Africa, Middle East, and most of Asia
NSS 12 at 57o
C-band D/L Center Frequency: 4055.0 MHz; Typical L-band frequency: 1095.0 MHz; FEC: 3/4; Symbol Rate: 26.00 Msym/s; Network ID: 3; Polarization: RHC; Video Format: PAL; IRD Channel: 340.

Near East Asia and Asia
AsiaSat 3S at 105.5o
C-band D/L Center Frequency: 4040 MHz; Typical L-band frequency: 1010 MHz; FEC: 1/2; Symbol Rate: 26.50 Msym/s; Network ID: 1; Polarization: H; Video Format: PAL; IRD Channel: 340

Technical Assistance

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TNP Home Theater Speaker Wall Plate Outlet - 7.2 7.1 Surround Sound Audio Distribution Panel, Gold Plated Copper Banana Plug Binding Post Coupler, 2 RCA LFE Input Jack for Subwoofer (2-Gang)
Speakers (TNP Products)
  • Allows connection for up to 7 speakers, 2 subwoofer; an ideal addition for your home theatre setup that works with AV receivers, Audio Video players, DLP, Projectors...
  • High amperage and high wattage capabilities. Fit s any standard 2 Gang low voltage box
  • It s made out of high quality corrosion resistant gold plated brass connectors and prevent oxidation often found in other low quality wall plates
  • It s designed to be used with banana plugs, spades or bare wire. Banana plugs have 3/4 spacing for use with dual plug adaptors for a quicker and easier installation...
  • Easy to install and remove. Wall plates eliminate the mess of wire strung along your baseboards
HIDEit Mounts HIDEit Uni-MW Vertical Adjustable Cable Box Wall Mount, Xbox Wall Mount, DVR Mount, Satellite Receiver Bracket, Component Shelf
Speakers (HIDEit Mounts)
  • Save Space. Mount your Xbox or Cable Box out of the way and create an Organized Living Room Design.
  • Vertically Mount your Xbox or Receiver to Maximize Wall Space and Prevent Accidental Falls.
  • Adjustable. Check the Dimensions of your Component and Adjust for a Snug Fit. More Sizes Available.
  • Includes Screws + 25lb-rated Drywall Anchors. Quick, Easy Installation. Stud Mounting is optional.
  • Made in the USA from Powder-Coated, 16 Gauge Steel. Superior Strength and Durability.
DIRECTV Black High Definition MPEG-4 DVR Satellite Receiver - HR24 - "may require 2 YEAR extension of contract,monthly fees will apply by DirectTV, may also require to be activated as a "Leased Receiver" as per DirecTV policy change"
  • DIRECTV NEW HR24 High Definition.
  • The record shows digitally, without a videotape.
  • Easy set-up; works with virtually all remotes.
Additional Receiver Only for the Nyrius 5.8 GHz Wireless Audio/Video System (Sold Separately) with IR Remote Extender for Streaming Cable, Satellite, DVD - Does Not Include Transmitter (NY-GS10RX)
CE (Nyrius)
  • NOTE: The NY-GS10RX is an additional receiver only for the NY-GS10 system. This unit will not work on its own unless connected to the Nyrius NY-GS10 Transmitter...
  • Watch your Satellite/cable feed on multiple televisions with this additional receiver for the NY-GS10 Transmitter and Receiver system
  • Receive video seamlessly from one room to another without the hassle of installing messy cables
  • Powerful long range 5.8GHz signal up to 225ft line of sight
  • 4 selectable channels to avoid interference with other wireless devices
Satellite Oasis Dish Network Turbo Hdtv Satellite Tripod Kit
Speakers (Satellite Oasis)
  • Tripod mounts, 3ft. rg6, 50 ft RG6, Satellite Finder meter,compass, and F81 splice also included.
  • Compatible with all Dishpro and Dishpro plus receivers (2xx,3xx,5xx,6xx,7xx,8xx,9xx series)
  • Dish Network HDTV Satellite Tripod kit for receiving satellites: 110, 119,129w
  • Will operate up to 3 receivers off one dish
  • Blue accessory case included

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