How to Use a Sony Remote Control With a Satellite Receiver

October 11, 2022 – 11:26 am

Sony universal remote controls can operate most audio-visual component devices.Sony manufactures universal remote control handsets that can operate your television set and several other component devices, including your satellite TV receiver. To use the Sony remote with the satellite receiver, first program the remote with the receiver's link code, which you can usually find in the user manual or the support section of the manufacturer's website. After pairing the Sony remote to the satellite receiver, use the handset to control the main functions on your satellite system, including channel selection and volume level.

Step 1

Power on your satellite television receiver.

Step 2

Press the "SET" button on the remote.

Step 3

Push the "SAT" component button on the remote control to select the satellite receiver setting.

Step 4

Enter the receiver's manufacturer program code with the remote's number keypad.

Step 5

Press the "ENT" button, and then point the remote control at the satellite receiver and press the "POWER" button. The satellite receiver should power down, verifying that you've successfully paired the devices.

Switch on the satellite receiver.

Press and hold down the "SET" button on the remote control until "SET" displays on the LCD.

Press the component label button that you want to use to operate the satellite receiver to display "PRESET" in the LCD.

Push the component label button again. Use the "SCROLL" key to scroll down and select the satellite receiver component option.

Enter the receiver's program code with the number keypad.

Step 6

Press the "ENT" button, point the remote at the satellite receiver and press the "POWER" button to complete the procedure.

Power on the satellite receiver.

Press and hold down the "SET" button on the Sony remote for more than three seconds until the SET button indicator lights up.

Press the "CAB (SAT)" component button while holding down the "SET" button and then release both buttons.

Enter the manufacturer program code with the number keypad. The SET button indicator flashes three times to show that you've completed the pairing procedure.


  • Some satellite receivers may work with more than one programming code. Repeat the procedure with each code until you find the first one that works.


  • The information in this article applies to the specific Sony remote control models mentioned. The pairing procedure may differ slightly or significantly with other Sony models.
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ROC Multi-Sat V2 Universal Remote Control for all Satellite TV Receiver iLink i-Link IR-210 IR210 HDMI 8000 (code 005); Sonicview Permier 360 Elite Hd 8000; Captiveworks Cw 600 700 800 600s 650; Nfusion Nova Solaris; Pansat 3500sd 2700a 2700 3500 6000hx
Speakers (ROC)
  • It works for all the following FTA receiver models:
  • i-Link 210 & 8; Coolsat 4/5/6;
  • Coolsat 7/7100; Coolsat 8/8100
  • Sonicview 1/4, 360 Premier, 360 Elite, 8HD
  • not for control TV though
Sirius Satellite Radio Sirius Sportster Universal Remote Control
Wireless (Sirius Satellite Radio)
  • Works with all Sirius Sportster Series Receivers
  • Battery Included
  • Black with Silver Trim or Solid Black Depending on Stock
  • Not compatible with SiriusXM branded radios
  • Works with Sportster 1-5, and Starmate 3,4,5,8
Dish Network Dish Network Remote Control Universal IR
Speakers (Dish Network)
  • Dish Network 1.5 IR/ Remote Control for Satellite Receiver.
  • The 1.5 Dish Network remote is upgraded by 3.2 or 3.4
Audiovox Accessories Corporation Terk Leapfrog Remote Control Extender Kit LFIRX
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  • Allows you to control Satellite receiver, DVD player, personal video recorder, cable box, VCR, stereo receiver
  • Triple Infrared extension
  • Increases the range of any remote control up to a 100 feet (may vary based on environment)
  • Wireless range extender for remote controls
  • Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz (in), DC 12V, 120mA (out)
  • Wireless range extender for remote controls
  • Increases the range of any remote control up to a 100 feet (may vary based on environment)
  • Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz (in), DC 12V, 120mA (out)
  • Triple Infrared extension
  • Allows you to control Satellite receiver, DVD player, personal video recorder, cable box, VCR, stereo receiver
Dual Electronics AMB600W Marine Boat Bluetooth CD/MP3 Stereo Receiver Bundle Combo With MWR15 Waterproof Wired Remote Control + SiriusXM SXV300v1 Satellite Radio Tuner Kit + Enrock 22" Radio Antenna
Car Audio or Theater (Dual Enrock)
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  • RECEIVER UNIT: This top of the line CD receiver features direct USB control for iPod /iPhone devices and is SiriusXM-Ready. It provides basic control for select...
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Control your music remotely, from the cockpit, bridge or stateroom with this IPX6 waterproof, UV and salt-resistant hard-wired remote control device...
  • SATELLITE TUNER: the SXV300V1 plugs into your SiriusXM-ReadyTM car stereo without the need for any additional cables or interfaces. This complete package includes...
  • RADIO ANTENNA: This Enrock Hydra series water-resistant antenna provides excellent radio reception wherever you are. Its 22 cable works great on land or at sea...

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