How to Buy a Satellite TV Without the Service

April 27, 2019 – 04:54 am
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Satellite TV is one of the most popular options in today's viewing market. Hundreds of channels, clear reception, and an ability to receive programming from all over the world are among the benefits of satellite TV. Satellite TV is also cheaper than cable. Cheaper still is the perfectly legal alternative of doing without the pay-TV service. Let's take a look at what you would need to set up your own satellite TV system:

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite TV dish
  • Satellite TV receiver
  • Dish mount
  • Bracket

Step 1

To get your satellite TV signal, first you'll need to install a satellite dish. These can be purchased at many retailers and at online suppliers. A satellite dish is also known as an LNB, or Low Noise Block Downconverter. If you want to receive different channels on different TVs, you will need to purchase a Dual LNB Satellite Dish.

Step 2

Your satellite dish will be going on the roof of your house. Install the bracket and dish mount and then connect the dish. You will also need to run a cable from the satellite dish to your TV.

Step 3

Next, you will need to set up a satellite receiver. If you do not want to pay for satellite TV service, you will need to get an FTA receiver. FTA means Free to Air, which will permit you to decode most satellite TV transmissions. An FTA receiver is not really different form a regular receiver. It simply means that you are not part of a pay-TV service. You will not be able to watch pay-TV, but you will have access to a wide range of free programming from across the globe. You must scan the airwaves to see what you can receive without having to use a pay-TV service's signal decoder. Remember, if you have any trouble with the installation, you can always find a professional to do it for you.

Step 4

Now you can watch free satellite TV on any TV in your home. You can also get a PC-based receiver that will allow you to watch satellite TV on your computer. Just follow the steps and enjoy your new satellite TV without the cost of the service!

Tips & Warnings

  • While there are FTA channels available, many of these may not be in English. Popular satellite TV providers, like DirecTV and Dish Network used to provide various FTA channels free to their subscribers. However, these providers have cut most of these services, such as VOOM high-definition free channels. You will need to look around to find FTA programming.


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