SiriusXM - Onyx Plus Satellite Radio Receiver with Home Kit - Black

April 19, 2017 – 03:50 am
SiriusXM - Onyx Plus Satellite good receiver Posted by: hazel77 from: new hartford, ny on I got this for my husband to listen to satellite radio in the house, but unfortunately the antenna doesn't work from a couple rooms. We do live in the woods, so I don't expect reception to be perfect, but the satellite radio in the car (we installed it ourselves) works with a round antenna that receives from pretty much anywhere. This antenna flips up and you (obviously) need to point it to the southern sky. A problem when none of your windows points south. I'm not sure if a different model would work better in the house, but my husband seems satisfied that he can hear his favorite shows, even if it's not from the living room. I would recommend this product.

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Great home satellite radio receiver. Very easy. Posted by: Jwicker4 from: Avon, Ohio on Great home satellite radio receiver. Very easy to install and set up. Worked fantastically. Good screen. Good reception, even with the antenna indoors. Best Buy price was better then most competitors.

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Great home satellite radio receiver Posted by: ZHUSKER from: on After 8 years, our satellite radio receiver quit working and the company no longer made them. Researched on-line and went to my local Best Buy near by to look at one that can be coupled with our home Bose Wave System. After buying this Onyx Plus with a home kit, I easily hooked it up and it now works great. We have it on 24-7, as we have it tuned to a background music channel.

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Works as Advertised Posted by: JerryT from: on Purchased for use in both the car and at home. The antenna location was easy and satellite location worked without problems. Like the small size and easy viewing display. Not excited about the SiriusXM channel content, would like more of a Pandora type service, but when crossing Nevada and Wyoming and Nebraska it is much better than over the air stations.

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I love it. Posted by: cutter from: on I love having sirius XM radio in the home. Our new car can equipped with sirius XM radio and we wanted to get the home kit for our house.

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Good radio Posted by: Likeapple2 from: Las Vegas on I've bought a few of these for work and they work really well indoors

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Not an easy install, but great once we figured Posted by: Brenda from: on Took a lot of maneuvering and finally going out a window to receive Sirius signals as the fix. Then we were not able to connect to our Bose, because there was no audio cord in the kit. We had to make a trip to Best Buy for help. Finally we were able to enjoy the great music. For the price we paid for the kit...$99, n audio cord should have been included.

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easy to hook up Posted by: corvette from: palos hills, il on SiriusXM Onyx Plus Posted by: MaG1 from: on Very nice upgrade of my old Sirius radio. Very clean looking, and easy to use. I originally bought the home version thinking that I could use my old base in my car - that would be a huge 'NO'. If you only intend to use it in your car, and are replacing an older Sirius radio, make sure you buy the car version of the radio. 2 3 4 5


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