Phoenix™ GPS Receivers

August 25, 2022 – 11:09 am
Phoenix™ GPS Receivers

Raven’s high performance Phoenix™ receivers deliver highly accurate, reliable DGPS positioning using WAAS, GLONASS, EGNOS and Raven GS satellite-based DGPS corrections. These receivers, along with the new Slingshot GS cellular based corrections, feature RTK capabilities and are ideal for precision farming where a rugged, simple-to-operate receiver is required.

Phoenix 300™ DGPS Receiver:

High performance dual frequency receiver with sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy, upgradable to 2"– 4" accuracy or to RTK for sub-inch repeatable accuracy.

Phoenix 200™ DGPS Receiver:

Single frequency receiver with sub-meter accuracy. Highly mobile and easily moved from one piece of equipment to another.

Phoenix 50™ DGPS Receiver:

Compact all-in-one receiver gives you the ability to log data and provide speed output to your Raven controller. Generates real-time position solutions at 4Hz per second and, therefore, is not recommended for assisted steering. Simple setup.

Phoenix 10™ Speed Sensor:

Compact unit providing speed output to your Raven controller. More reliable and unaffected by mud and other field conditions that can interfere with radar. Setup is fast and easy.

Phoenix 10 N/A GPS Speed
Phoenix 50 2M RMS SBAS
Phoenix 200 9" Pass to Pass RMS SBAS, Autonomous GPS
Phoenix 300 Scalable SBAS, Raven GS, RTK, Autonomous GPS

GS Corrections

Satellite GS Corrections utilizes TerraStar-C network of satellites which sends corrections via satellite.

Raven Corrections

Submeter With Upgrade Satellite
Satellite GS 5-10 cm Yes Variable
Slingshot RTK 2.5 cm Cellular

GS Correction Requirements

Unlocks Receiver unlock
Hardware Cable receiver: Phoenix 300 with USB, Envizio Pro II, or Viper 4
Raven GS Subscription
Cellular Plan No
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Sirius Sirius SV1 radio receiver
Car Audio or Theater (Sirius)
  • Plug-and-play Sirius satellite radio receiver only. No power supply is included. Ready to combine with car kit (sold separately) for easy installation and operation.
  • Offers access to more than 130 digital-quality music, sports, entertainment, and talk streams with Sirius XM subscription.
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • 1-line, 12-character dot matrix display with 180-degree inversion option
  • Measures 2.75 x 0.94 x 4.5 inches (W x H x D)
Tyger Auto TYGER New Hitch Cover Universal Fit on 2inch Towing Trailer Hitch Receiver Tube
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Tyger Auto)
  • TYGER stylish hitch cover improves rear end appearance!
  • Protects receiver tube when not in use. Keep out Mud, Dirt, and Pests !
  • Made of durable black textured rubber. (Only fits 2inch hitch receiver tube.)
  • Installs in seconds. No pin or clip required to hold in place!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
JVC KW-R920BTS Double DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver Bundle Combo With 4x JVC CS-DR620 6.5" Inch 300-Watt 2-Way Audio Coaxial Speakers + Enrock 50 Foot 16 Guage Speaker Wire
Car Audio or Theater (JVC Enrock)
  • PACKAGE BUDLE KIT INCLUDES: Total of 4 Speakers = 1 JVC KWR920BTS 2- Din Car Vehicle Bluetooth Stereo CD Receiver = 2 Pairs of JVC CSDR620 DR Series 300 Watts 6.5...
  • CAR STEREO: JVC s KW-R920BTS CD receiver covers just about all audio bases, including digital music, streaming Internet radio, SiriusXM satellite radio, and old-school...
  • CAR SPEAKERS: General Features: 6.5 DR Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers Perfect Factory Upgrade Speakers Power Handling: Peak: 600 watts per pair / 300 watts each...
  • SPEAKER WIRE: 50 Feet - 16 Gauge - Super Strong Quality - For Car Audio & Home Audio Speakers.
Kenwood KMMBT315U Waterproof Bluetooth Marine Boat Yacht Digital USB AUX Radio Stereo Player With 4 X Infinity 5.25" 165 Watts 2 Way Car Marine Audio Speakers - Complete Marine Outdoor Audio Package
Car Audio or Theater (Kenwood Infinity)
  • PACKAGE BUDLE KIT INCLUDES: 1 Kenwood KMMBT315U Single DIN Bluetooth In-Dash Car stereo = 2 Pairs (total of 4) Infinity 529I 165W (Peak) 5-1/4 -Inch Two-Way Car...
  • CAR STEREO SYSTEM: With Kenwood KMM-BT315U digital media receiver You don t have to rely on your phone for entertainment, however. You can live up your travels by...
  • CAR SPEAKERS: If you are looking for a quality two-way component car speaker, the Infinity Kappa 52.9i car Tweeter is a good choice. This mid range 5-1/4 car speaker...
  • Your Infinity Kappa 52.9i car tweeter has computer-optimized outboard crossover with tweeter level control, a fundamental feature for any high quality car audio...
  • %100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Buy With Confidence With Our 30 Money Back Hassle Free Guarantee And A 1 Year Warranty
Black Tech Puersit TV BOX Unlocked Android Fully Loaded KODI 16.0 1080P RK3229 1G/8G Quad-core Streaming Media Player with Wifi,4K,H.265
Home Theater (Black Tech)
  • High-performance CPU&GPU:High performance RK3229 Quad-core CPU with RAM 1GB ROM 8GB could easily decode any high-definition Video.Quad-core CPU RK3229 core-53@2.0GHz...
  • Super Convenience: Plug and Ready to Play,Support 3D and Blu-Ray 4K format video and movies.
  • No Cable Fees Any More: The box is pre-installed with essential streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube , XBMC,etc.
  • Endless TV shows and Movies: Install apps from the Google Play Store. Thousands of apps are compatible with the TV BOX, just like the tablet.
  • 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:Always provide high quality products and wonderful service to our clients.

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