Philips DSR 2210 satellite receiver

March 15, 2024 – 12:31 pm
Philips DSR7141 Digitale

Many thanks for that, marceljack. The limitations of this receiver I am unaware of, only that when I upgraded, it was in full working order.

I thought someone was interested and would have been happy to send it to him for a contribution towards the postage, however I think he thought the offer wasn't genuine.

If anyone wants this receiver, I will post it to them free of charge. It is in its original box and in good condition as a receiver. I know this will not be suitable for someone wanting to watch a specific platform, but was under the impression that it was still good for free to air. I have the original smart card, however my account has long since been transferred.

As you say, it may be of interest to a collector. If that's the case, and anyone would like this receiver free, gratis and for nothing, just drop me a line. Otherwise, the electronic disposal bin at the local tip will be getting it!


Philips Philips DSR7000 Combination TiVo/DIRECTV Satellite Receiver
Home Theater (Philips)
  • Combination dual-tuner DIRECTV satellite receiver and 35-hour DVR
  • Enjoy over 255 channels and never miss your favorite shows again
  • Pause, rewind, slow down, or skip to replay live television programs; watch one program while recording another
  • Season Pass automatically records every episode of your favorite shows
  • WishList finds and records programs that match your interests
Philips Philips Magnavox MAT965A1 Webtv Classic
Home Theater (Philips)
  • WebTV access with 1-touch Internet and 56 Kbps V.90 softmodem
  • Compatible with virtually all Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 extensions
  • LineShare technology allows incoming calls on a phone with call waiting
  • Supports up to 6 e-mail addresses
  • Remote control with batteries included
Philips Philips Directv Dvr Dsr704 R/17
CE (Philips)
  • Philips® Series 2 DIRECTV® DVR powered by TiVo®. Dolby Digital Output, IR Remote
  • Allows up to 35 hours of recording time with DIRECTV® Digital Video Recorder powered by TiVo®.
  • With dual tuner records 2 different shows while watching a recorded one.
  • For full functionality, this receiver requires connection of two (2) satellite inputs from a dual-output LNB DIRECTV dish antenna
Philips Peripherals and Accessories Philips S-Video Cable - 12 Feet (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Speakers (Philips Peripherals and Accessories)
  • Philips Accessories #PH61140 12 S-Video Cable
Philips Philips Wireless phone/modem jack system PH0900
CE (Philips)
  • Connect to any phone outlet
  • Great for digital video recorders and satellite receivers
  • Turns any AC outlet into a phone/modem jack
  • Wireless phone / modem jack system
  • Audiovox #RC940 Wireless Phone Jack

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