What's in the box 751-Q Compact Video Receiver, Quick Start Guide, RJ45 to RJ45 cable (2.0m).

October 27, 2023 – 11:22 am
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The Compact Video Receiver Unit (751) is for use with the Compact Video Hub and connects to the AV display such as a large screen, projector or TV. It supports IR control, video and stereo audio as well as IR porting.

The 751-Q unit connects to the Compact Video Hub, (Part 740/743), at distances of up to 400m (1300ft) via an installed Cat-5/6 UTP cabling system. The line powered 751-Q unit outputs baseband video and stereo audio to display screens, projectors, TVs and PC workstations.​

Viewer control of the 751-Q is with either a hand held IR Remote Control Unit (Part 790/1X) or a touch screen or PC workstation, when used in conjunction with a Compact RS232 to IR Converter Unit (Part 753).

Viewers can select channels and adjust volume, assisted by an On Screen Display capability showing channel name and volume status.

If the 751-Q is to be positioned out of sight, perhaps mounted behind a display or in a cabinet where line of sight is obstructed, then a Compact wired IR Sensor (Part 911-4154) is required. The sensor can be discretely mounted adjacent to or on the screen bezel using the adhesive pad supplied and then connected to the unit. This action disables the 751's internal "on board" IR sensor.

In addition, with the MediaStar Compact IR routing feature, viewers are able control remotely located IR equipped devices such as DVDs and Satellite Decoders. Any user viewing a Compact 751-Q Receiver Unit can control the input device. When a channel is selected by a user an IR pathway is opened between that user and the AV device being viewed and by using the device's own remote control the user can operate the remote AV device.

Source: www.cabletime.com

TNP IR Receiver Cable (25FT) - External 38-56kHz Infrared Receiver Extender Sensor Cable 3.5mm Jack Plug Wire Cord Remote Eye for HD DVR Cable Box, STB Set Top Box, TV, IR Repeater Extender System
Speakers (TNP Products)
  • Simple plug and play: Plugs directly into the IR IN port on the back of the AVR, AV receiver, cable box, set top box, AV equipment, etc.. with 3.5mm IR input port
  • Works with all 38-56kHz IR remote control and devices with an IR input port
  • Great compatibility with a wide range of equipment, devices, STB set top boxes, etc Be sure to mount the IR receiver with a straight line-of-sight to your remote
  • 25ft long shielded cable with 3.5mm end plug
SainSonic SainSonic MG-230 2.4GHz 50-100M Wireless AV Sender Transmitter Receiver 0.1W
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  • Stereo audio function: Perfect for using with DVD, camcorder, satellite system, or stero. Wide band characteristics of fine audio and video receive quality
  • Input and output: RCA Jack for Video and Audio.

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