Star Trek [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray] [Includes Digital Copy] [2009]

July 31, 2015 – 10:33 am
STAR TRACK HD Digital Must see for Star Wars fanboys and Trekkies alike Posted by: NYsteve404 from: on Let me start off by saying I have NEVER watched Star Trek movies or the TV shows before this movie in my life (I am 37 years old.) It was a combination of not being a huge fan of sci-fi movies and being "Team Star Wars" because I didn't have any desire to play "catch up" on hundreds of episodes of a TV series and a handful of movies. Once I read that this movie started an alternate timeline in the Star Trek universe it piqued my interest and I am certainly glad that it did. You are introduced to the main characters from the TV series and shown a decent backstory for both Spock and James T. Kirk. The visuals and sound are amazing and the plot is action packed from start to finish. I even bought "Into Darkness" and enjoyed that as well. For the Star Wars fanboys (or casual fans who are anti Star Trek and don't know why) you won't be disappointed with the purchase if you accept the fact that the only similarities with Star Wars are the spaceships and weird species (and in the case of "The Force Awakens" JJ Abrams is the director.) They are 2 distinct franchises and there is room in your heart for both of them.

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Love the movie series . . . 4K not so much Posted by: Kah1 from: on I did a side by side Blu-Ray vs 4K of several movies and I honestly don't see a resolution difference. Makes me really wonder if there is real 4K content out there. My Blu-Ray is PS3 uploading to Samsung 65ES8000 HD TV and 4K is Samsung K-8500 uploading to LG 65EF9500 4K OLED TV. Now there is the OLED superior black contrasts and a bit better color rendition which is probably the HDR at work but otherwise the resolution did not appear to be any better on the 4K than regular HD. If you have good components then I challenge the value in purchasing 4K content over Blu-Ray media . . . Doesn't appear to be any different yet.

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Great Reboot Posted by: Swixter from: on I never was a die hard fan of the Star Trek series but seeing this movie back in 2009 it clicked with me. The 4K version is a very good transfer, I use my Xbox One S to view the movie on a Samsung UN65KS8000 and the color contrast is very good to the naked I and I will say and JJ Abrams signature light flairs are brighter than ever. Great movie whether you're a Trekie or not Posted by: DerfH from: on Great movie whether you're a Trekie or not . Awesome effects in 4K, The amount of deep detail is very noticeable. very good movie Posted by: Apollo from: redford mi on I am a star trek fan, and this movie has it all. Great story and I love that it is in 4 k. The picture and sound is outstanding. I have an atmos receiver and it sounds great. Excellent movie Posted by: dolbyfan from: on Excellent movie which has been made even better with the new Atmos soundtrack!! Great movie Posted by: Skinnymike from: on cool use of HDR Posted by: bobkn from: on The opening sequence looks much better in UHD/HDR than on the standard Blu Ray disc. It's a good illustration of the capabilities of the new UHD disks. Awesome! Posted by: Dailyman5000 from: on good movie Posted by: Coptimus from: on the 4k is slightly noticeable. star trek into darkness is a better representative of the 4k 2 3 4 5 66
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