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October 27, 2022 – 10:02 am
UltraPower Technology

GLOBO, a company from Szczecin, develops its products in Poland. The entire production process is carefully monitored by engineers and designers who work at the company seat in Szczecin. Here also cardboard package is designed. Clear presentation of information and focus on design is their main strength.

The Marketing & Sales Department also plays an important role in the company’s life, being responsible for contacts with both national and foreign companies. Owing to tried-and-tested distribution channels, GLOBO-branded devices are present in most well-known chain stores from the electronics industry in Europe and Russia. Moreover, the company has also a section responsible for preparing decoders for shipping in cooperation with Poczta Polska.
Without applying ready-made solutions, GLOBO creates its own products basing on its own designs and software made by the hands and the minds of Polish employees. Owing to this, GLOBO-branded products are targeted at specific users, considering their general needs and preferences related to efficient and easy handling of the device. GLOBO is a reliable and trustworthy brand that marks high Polish quality.

GLOBO company develops its products in Poland. The entire production process is carefully monitored by engineers and designers who work at the company seat in Szczecin. This ensures that products branded with the names of GLOBO and OPTICUM are characterised by Polish quality, exceptional functionality and care of the client’s needs.

The new ideas and technical solutions applied in devices produced by GLOBO stem from shows dedicated to consumer electronics, TV and satellite equipment, and various events related to propagation of DVB-T in Poland, for instance (Miasteczka Cyfrowe). This is where the company’s representatives presents devices produced by GLOBO so far, at the same time acquiring valuable contacts with distributors and, most of all, regular consumers. Remarks pertaining to the functionality of receivers, suggestions concerning changes and improvements are significant information that is used later on in making of new designs and improving the former ones.

During regular meetings of the board, project managers and the Marketing & Sales Department, each and every remark collected during meetings with users on expos are discussed and analysed. At that time, with the analysis of the situation on the market in mind, decisions are made concerning the production of new models of devices, which could meet specific needs and expectations of the clients.

Selected ideas are then put into practice. It is worth noting, that GLOBO-branded products are designed by its employees. The actual process of creating new devices starts in the Design Department. This is where motherboards are designed for given device models with use of proper measuring equipment, which allows precise calculation of parameters of the elements employed in the electronic system. After approval, the PCB design is sent to the production line located in China due to economic reasons (similar solution has been applied in case production).

The Polish-Asian cooperation has not resulted, as one might suppose, in a ready-made cheap product that can be found on a shelf in a supermarket. GLOBO company ships components for assembly in Poland. Three well-organised and remarkably efficient multi-shift production lines assemble it all together. Individual parts of a device are taken out of special transport packaging: the motherboard, the case and the front panel. Then, devices are tested with use of special testing equipment. After successful testing the latest software version is installed. Another test that the device is subjected to final performance and functionality tests. The device is plugged in to a screen and if passes the test, it goes to the Packing Department. At the time, a warranty seal is attached to the prepared product.

Other employees at the Production Department assemble cardboard boxes (it is worth noting, that most cardboard boxes used by GLOBO are produced in Poland due to better quality in comparison to Chinese products) and equip them with vital accessories (most often: a remote, batteries and a warranty card, a manual in Polish only, necessary cables and an adapter). Another team packs tested products to formerly prepared boxes. Next, the appropriate quantity of these boxed products is put into collective cardboard boxes. A finished product is then distributed either on pallets to stores or to Clients by post or express courier. In case of online purchase delivery, orders from the Call Centre and those under the Polish national digitalisation programme are processed by our special shipping system. Next, dispatches are quickly and easily packed and addressed by semi-automatic machines basing on the processed data. The production line efficiency reaches (in case of decoders) up to 4, 000 decoders per day. The shipping line efficiency is estimated at ab. 1, 000 products per day.

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Garmin Garmin GPSMAP 64s Worldwide with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver
Wireless (Garmin)
  • Sunlight-Readable 2.6 color display
  • Expanded Internal Memory 4GB
  • DUAL BATTERY SYSTEM Use with 2 traditional AA batteries, or the optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack that can be charged while inside the device
  • Receive Smart Notifications* and pair with optional ANT+ sensors, such as heart rate monitor, Tempe temperature sensor, speed/cadence, or use to control your VIRB...
  • Wirelessly upload data to Garmin Connect and view on smartphone, plus share activities as they happen with Live Track (64s/64st only)
Sony Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC and App Remote
Car Audio or Theater (Sony)
  • 55 watt x 4 Dynamic Reality Amp, Stream music wirelessly w/Bluetooth & NFC connection, 2-Zone, Dynamic Color Illuminator with Sound Synchronization, Advanced...
  • Bluetooth Auto Pairing for iPhone/iPod, Siri Control for hands-free control via your iOs device, USB supports MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC playback, Works with Pandora...
  • Front Aux and USB w/ High-Charge for iOs & other USB devices, 2-Volt front, rear, and sub RCA preamp outputs, Subwoofer direct connection capable, Digital Clarity...
Sony Sony MEXN5100BT Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver with SiriusXM SXV300 Bundle
Car Audio or Theater (Sony)
  • The SiriusXM SXV300 tuner easily plugs directly into this compatible car stereo without the need for special adapters and the compact size hides discreetly behind...
  • Subscription sold separately by SiriusXM
Graupner Graupner GR-12L HoTT 6 Channel Receiver
Hobby (Graupner)
  • HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION 2.4 GHz technology with two-way telemetry, updatable firmware? The newest features always! Two receivers included!
  • Servo connections in the front panel. All servo/signal connectors are JR style and compatible with both analog and digital servos
  • The receiver supports generation of SUMO/SUMI/SUMD signal output on Ch 6 for the convenient use of gyros and control boards
  • Refresh rate (PERIOD) of 10 and 20ms programmable?20 ms is recommended for use with analog servos to avoid servo growl
  • Small form factor with a 5.5 antenna lead is ideal for small models and for use as a satellite receiver to reduce servo wiring runs
ENKHO Holding GmbH TV from India
Mobile Application (ENKHO Holding GmbH)
  • With this app you will receive important information about how to set up the receiver and assigning the correct satellite.
  • You want to align a satellite dish quickly and successfully? What information do you need this?
  • Answers to these and other questions you will get with this app.
  • For example, you taught this app on behalf stations, satellites, positions of the satellites, frequencies, the level of
  • Polarization, symbol rate and FEC settings.
  • What s New as Favorite function, transmitter search function and language function.
  • Here you will be informed about possible satellite frequencies and satellite channels. To rapidly find these channels

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