Dreamlink T6 satellite receiver, XBMC KODI and IPTV the best HD

October 28, 2022 – 07:34 am
Dreamlink T6 HD

Packing details:
Dreamlink T6 HD / IPTV
DL300 Module ( Installed)
User's Manual
Power Adaptor
Factory Retail Box
Universal Remote Control
WIFI Antenna

The New DreamLink T6 Hybrid HD FTA Satellite Receiver as well as IPTV with Xbmc / Kodi built into one. Factory-Installed DL-300 HD module, built in Wi-Fi, front channel display, HDMI output, PVR capabilities via USB 2.0 port, built in Lan/Ethernet port. The New Dreamlink T6 surpasses all expectations in both Satellite and IPTV.

Dreamlink T6 is here. Welcome to the world of the digital entertainment. Dreamlink T6 finally has arrive after over one year of development. The new Dreamlink T6 comes loaded with features like built in Wi-Fi, Android, FTA, Full HD, PVR, XBMC, IPTV, MPGE4 only to mention a few. What is different? If you own a Dreamlink HD, Dreamlink T4 or Dreamlink HD T5 you will be very familiar with the way it looks. T6 is a completely different animal. It leaves behind the classic look of its predecessors. Dreamlink T6 is the first XBMC KODI and FTA receiver in the market. It boots from KODI. This means you can enjoy all the great quality of FTA Satellite inside XBMC KODI. A new tap named 'TV' is added to KODI. This is used so you can access your FTA channels.

Dreamlink T6 will load all your satellite content to the XBMC KODI platform. Once there, you can watch your favorite FTA channels. Since you are already inside XBMC, you can reach for more of the ADD ONs available. This makes Dreamlink T6 incredible versatile. With over 135 ADD ONs and more coming every day, you will have countless entertainment. One of the more prominent ADD ONs is Stalker IPTV. Once it is added you can also enjoy your IPTV through Dreamlink T6. If you are not familiar with XBMC KODY and you feel intimidated, do not worry. There is a lot of help. find tutorials at XBMCHUB. You can also find a lot of video tutorials on YouTube. Recommended link Xbmc config wizard setting. Go ahead, move on to the future of digital entertainment

Powerful Multimedia, Single Tuner HD TV Satellite Receiver
Webserver, NAS, Samba, UPNP Supported
Varius Add- on Supported in Kodi
Web Browser
USB mouse, keyboard operation, 2.4G Qwert Wireless remote Available
KODI, Android 4.2
True to Life HD

External USB supporting Timeshifting
MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
Multiple LNB controlled by diseq
All switches supported (SW21, SW44, DPP44
USB 2.0 host support
DVBS, DVB s2 compliant
Brilliant 65535 colors full resolution screen display
Multi language
Software upgrade via rs232, and USB
True to life HD, (High definition : HDMI
CVBS output video, audio via RCA
Component, (Y/Pb/Pr), output
Channel sorting by alphabet, transponder
Maximum 10000 channel programmable
Closed caption support
Favorite channel groups
Support extended 7 day EPG
Parental lock

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