Surge supressor for lightning near LNB cable P/N LNB-ZAP-STOP

April 30, 2023 – 10:46 am
Surge supressor for lightning near LNB cable (PN: LNB-ZAP-STOP)


50-2000 Mhz


+/- 30 volts


1.0 pico seconds (jewel time)


3000 amps


30 amps

Surge suppressor is placed in coaxial cable line that runs from antenna mounted LNB, to satellite receiver. Device has F female in and out, with suppressing circuitry designed to suppress electrical surges. Offers protection to indoor equipment from lightning hits at satellite antenna. The unit utilizes "TSD Transient Suppressing Diode" technology to block high voltage surges. The unit offers optimum protection through its use of 3 separate technologies for hi-voltage protection. The lightning protection units can take multiple strikes, with no need for resetting or replacing (when units are grounded and installed properly, and surge is within the unit's rated capability shown on spec page). After a strike, when the satellite receivers are operating properly, the user will know that the lightning protection unit is working properly. If the satellite downlink has a direct lightning hit, or a very close hit, it is possible to damage the surge protection unit. Under these rare conditions, the unit will fail in the open position with no signal passage, to provide continued electrical protection to connected devices.


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