DIRECTV Wireless Genie Mini FAQ

April 20, 2020 – 10:22 am
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Wireless Genie Mini is a new option for customers who want the freedom to enjoy their Genie HD DVR on any TV in their home, while limiting the messy cable wires and clutter around them. Now customers are free to reorganize and change the layouts of their rooms—and even move their TVs outside—regardless of where their cable outlets are located.

Wireless Genie Minis wirelessly connect TVs to a Genie HD DVR via the Wireless Video Bridge, in order to access the Genie HD DVR’s programming, recorded content, and other DVR functionality.

To enjoy Wireless Genie Mini you’ll need multiple TVS, a Wireless Video Bridge, and a Genie HD DVR.

Wireless Genie Minis don’t have tuners, so they don’t work by themselves. They have to be used in conjunction with Genie HD DVR set-top boxes and the Wireless Video Bridge.

A wireless Genie Mini has all the features of a Genie Mini (models C31 and C41) but gives you the flexibility to place your TV anywhere in your home, regardless of where your coax cable outlets are.

The Wireless Genie Mini communicates wirelessly with the Genie HD DVR, but does require a power cord and HDMI connection to the TV. While the Wireless Genie Minis themselves are wireless, the Genie HD DVR still connects to your Whole-Home system and the Wireless Video Bridge via coax cable, and to the Internet via the DIRECTV CINEMA® connection kit.

No. The Wireless Genie Mini and Wireless Video Bridge work independently of the Genie Internet connection. However, when the Genie HD DVR is connected to the Internet, the Genie HD DVR and Wireless Genie Minis can take advantage of Internet-connected benefits such as VOD, Pandora and the new HD TV apps.

The Wireless Video Bridge creates a private, separate, local network that Wireless Genie Minis can connect to wirelessly. The Wireless Video Bridge will deliver the Genie HD DVR experience seamlessly to the Wireless Genie Mini as if there was a traditional coax network in the home.

The Wireless Video Bridge has a power cord and requires connection to the coax network.

No, at this time non-DIRECTV devices (including DIRECTV Ready TVs) will need a wired connection to the Genie HD DVR through the Whole-Home DVR network. Only Wireless Genie Minis can connect to the Wireless Video Bridge.

No, the Wireless Video Bridge only works with Wireless Genie Minis (model C41W). Genie Minis (models C31 and C41), HD Receivers and HD DVRs require a wired connection to the Whole-Home DVR Network in order to access recorded content on the Genie HD DVR.

Yes, the Genie will work with any other DIRECTV HD DVRs and HD receivers that are compatible with Whole-Home DVR service. You can play, pause, rewind, and delete recorded content on the Genie from any room of the house, but cannot record content to the Genie from a connected HD DVR.

Any HD receivers, HD DVRs, Genie Minis (models C31 and C41), or non-DIRECTV devices will need a wired connection to the Whole-Home DVR system to access content from the Genie.

Genie can provide full HD DVR functionality and DIRECTV programming to up to eight connected TVs. However, only four TVs—including the TV connected directly to Genie—can show live or recorded content at the same time.

If you expect to have more than four TVs in use at the same time, we recommend using HD DVRs for those extra TVs to ensure the best entertainment experience.

Yes, you can pause, play, and rewind live TV in any room with Wireless Genie Minis.

You can schedule a show to record on the Genie from any Genie Mini, Wireless Genie Mini, or DIRECV Ready TV that is connected to it, with full and independent capabilities to schedule recordings to the primary Genie HD DVR. You will not be able to record content to the Genie HD DVR from a connected HD DVR.

Yes, you can access On Demand programming with the Wireless Genie Mini, if the Genie is connected to the Internet.

Like any HD DVR, Wireless Genie Minis can fast-forward through commercials on recorded shows but they do not skip them automatically.

Yes, but it only works wirelessly with the Wireless Genie Minis—not with DIRECTV Ready TVs, even if the TV is Wi-Fi ready. (RVU is a software technology that allows televisions and other devices to access Genie HD DVR content and features. How do I know if my TV is RVU-enabled?

Yes, you can access DIRECTV TV apps on the Genie and Wireless Genie Minis including Pandora, ScoreGuide, Facebook, Twitter, and other general apps such as news and sports. These apps are integrated into the Hi-Def Guide and can be easily accessed via the menu. It is important to remember that most apps require an Internet connection.

Yes, you can set up the parental controls directly on the Genie and Wireless Genie Minis for access restrictions for each individual room.


DIRECTV DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Receiver C61K
  • Only 4K Client for DIRECTV (includes RC73 RF remote)
  • Also required to be activated as a Leased Receiver as per DirecTV policy change
  • Requires A 2 YEAR extension of contract, monthly fees will apply by DirectTV
  • Requires Genie Server HR34, HR44, or H44
  • Requires a 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 to display 4K picture
DIRECTV DIRECTV C31 RVU Genie Approved Client for Use With DIRECTV HR34 HD DVR (C31)
Home Theater (DIRECTV)
  • may require 2 YEAR extension of contract,monthly fees will apply by DirectTV
  • may also require to be activated as a Leased Receiver as per DirecTV policy change
  • Requires a Genie HR34 or HR44 DVR to work

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