Satellite Guide for C and Ku band Free To Air Satellite System

February 9, 2023 – 09:31 am
Ku band satellite receiver

Free TV Channel Directory & List for North American Satellites By Language

The list above is a partial list of satellites that broadcast in N. America. There is no particular satellite for FTA, but almost all satellites do broadcast Free To Air channels. When you click on each satellite name you will see the channels. Use the guide below to see if there is a FTA TV & Radio channel that you are interested in:

or DVB = FREE (Free to air / FTA) 4-digita frequency = C band 5-digit frequency = Ku band

I want to pick up C-Band. What type of dish and LNB do I need to get C-Band signal?

Depending on the satellite want to hit, the size of the dish can differ. Usually, you can use a prime-focal dish for C-band reception. You will have to use a C-band LNBF. If you use a Uniden or a Motorola 4DTV receiver and use a servo motor (polar rotor), then you may want to consider a C-band LNB.

Can I use a C-band LNB or C-band LNBF with a 76cm dish?

No! It's recommended to use at least a six foot satellite dish, but an eight foot, ten foot, or even a twelve foot dish is much more highly recommended. A .75m (75cm) dish up to about a 1.8m (180cm) dish is used for Ku band. Some competitors my try to sell you a 1.2m (120cm) dish with a C band LNBF, but this gets you on only 2 or 3 satellites and the slightest rain may knock out your satellite signal.

Can I install the satellite dish inside my house or in my attic?

No! You will need to have a clear line of site to the satellite in space that broadcasts the satellite signal. Your view may not be obstructed by any thing (natural made or man made).

I installed my satellite dish in the winter and it worked good. Now I'm not getting a signal. What's the problem?

Check out our & check out our pre-installation site selection page to answer your questions about choosing the right place and site to . Basically, the reason that happened is because during the winter, there are no leaves on the trees. Now that the leaves have come out, they are blocking your Remember, satellite signals don't travel through any thing, natural made or man made.

What size dish do I need for Ku band reception?

For Ku band, you generally need a .

Do I need a or ?

Within the United States or North America, you can use either a . The broadcast between and within the frequency range of 11700MHz to 12200MHz. In Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, & Australia, the satellites broadcast in the frequency range of 10700MHz to 12750MHz. A covers the frequency range of 11.7GHz (11700MHz) to 12.2GHz (12200MHz). A covers the frequency range of 10.7GHz (10700MHz) to 12.75GHz (12750MHz).

What are available if I install a on the back of my ?

You can pick up various stations including from various satellites. Mostly . Channels from, , , , , , for all the up to date information.

What are used for?

Multiple LNBF's are placed on dishes to get signal from multiple satellites. Satellites that are within about 5 to 17 degrees of each other can be picked up sing a single dish and by placing a second or third LNB on the satellite dish. Take a look at our Adjustable LNBF Brackets Here .

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